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After years of experience in the field of wood coloring, we started in 2005. We consciously choose products that contain only natural raw materials, free of toxic, irritating and environmentally harmful elements.

This philosophy is very important to us. These professional products are used in flooring, stairs, doors, windows, furniture, ... and this for both indoor and outdoor.

It goes without saying that we have our own colour palette that has grown considerably over the years, but we are very strong in tailormade finishing solutions.


Our philosophy

Williams & Koch Europe produces customised finishing applications and colour systems. These are mainly special stains and oils for the woodworking industry.

Our products can be applied to all different types of wooden substrates. This ranges from parquet, stairs, furniture to even roof trusses. We have a suitable application for almost every type of wood.

Every craftsman who works with wood can come to us. We are happy to help cabinet- and furniture builders, hardwood floor installers but also (interior) architects to look at the possibilities.

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